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Reinforcing membrane for weak areas

Fibremesh is a non-woven "C" glass felt incorporating an integrally bonded mesh of glass yarn bonded together with a suitable binder.

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Fields of Application

Fibremesh has been specifically designed and developed as a reinforcing membrane in waterproofing repair applications, using such resin systems as bitumen, acrylics, epoxy and polyesters. This product is a proven material that provides additional strength to the potentially weak areas of waterproofing, such as:

  • On upturns
  • Flashings
  • Repair work
  • Flat Roofs
  • Parapets
  • Underscreed applications
  • Swimming pools
  • Verandas


  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Resistance to folding, creasing, or wrinkling during application
  • Provides high tensile strength in longitudinal and lateral
    directions even after bonding
  • The glass is unaffected by ultra violet
  • Water resistant and does not rot or burn
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Efficient yet cost effective


Fibremesh must always be placed mesh to substrate.

  • Prepare your surface. Make sure it's clean, dry, free of dust,
    grease, loose or flaking paint for plaster.
  • Unreel the Fibremesh over the surface to be waterproofed,
    rising it over skirting board level.
  • Apply the first coat of paint or the other recommended
    product chosen to stick Fibremesh to the surface, making sure
    it's fully absorbed.
  • Apply a reasonable quantity of paint or other recommended
    product over the Fibremesh using a roller, spatula, brush or
    any other appropriate tool.
  • After first coat has dried, the fibre pattern of Fibremesh will be
    visible. Apply a second and third criss-crossed coats of paint in
    order to achieve the recommended thickness.
  • Repeat for the succeeding strips of Fibremesh making sure to
    overlap by at least 50 mm.


Technical Data

Mass 60 gsm (nominal)
Thickness 250 micrometer (nominal)
Tensile strength - longitudinal 350 N / 50 mm (nominal)
Tensile strength - lateral 400 N / 50 mm (nominal)
Pliability - longitudinal strength after bending 350 N / 50 mm (nominal)
Moisture content 3% maximum
Water solubility 5% maximum
Glass content 80% maximum
Standard length 10 m
Standard width 100 mm

Specifications are subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical but reflect test procedures used. Actual field performance will depend on installation methods and site conditions.


100 mm x 10 m 100 mm x 100 m
1 m x 10 m 1 m x 100 m

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