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Dimpled drainage system

The Delta - Terraxx product is a universal solution for many different building concerns. It provides an all-round protection and drainage layer for both horizontal and vertical applications. The porosity makes the dimpled sheeting pervious over the whole area providing uniform drainage of water.


Delta TERRAXX zoom


Fields of application

In roof areas used for traffic, Delta - Terraxx assumes the function of a protection, filtration and seepage layer. Laid onto the waterproofing, this structural drainage layer ensures that any precipitation or water potentially percolating into the structure is drained away without delay. It may be directly covered with a layer of sand or stone chips which may in turn may be topped with a walkable pavement of stones or flags for both light and heavy loads.

  • Walkable roofs
  • Car park decks
  • Paved terraces
  • Basement and retaining walls in high water table areas
  • Extensive green roofs where no additional water storage is required


  • Extremely high compressive strength of 400 kN/m2
  • High drainage capacity for garden roofs
  • Self sealing edge allows for quick installation of an all-encapsulating protection layer
  • Can be installed at depths of up to 10m, even in extremely wet conditions
  • Integrates seamlessly with Derbigum Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd torch-on systems to provide lasting protection<

Delta MS8 diagram


  • The sealed surface must be thoroughly cleaned, so that after installation of the drainage layer no damage can occur to the waterproofing. The waterproofing must be root resistant or protected by a root barrier. A protective separating layer is laid on the waterproofing.
  • The dimple sheeting is simply rolled out on the underlayer. Dimples facing the surface and cups facing up. The sheeting can be cut with a blade.
  • To extend a sheet, lay two rows of dimples together.
  • Install the sheets step by step


(further information available on the data sheet)


Technical Data

Physical Properties Norm
Flammability Normal, class B2 as per DIN 4102
Material High Density Polyethylene
Dimple Height approx. 20 mm
Compressive Strength 200 kN/m2
Drainage Capacity 10 ℓ/s • m
Water Retention Capacity 7 ℓ/m2
Drainage Rate
Through Perforations
1,23 ℓ/m2 • s
Volume of Air
Between Dimples
14 ℓ/m2
Temperature Resistance -30°C to +80°C
Roll Dimensions 2 x 20 m
Chemical Properties Resistant to chemicals and degradation in soil, safe for drinking water.
CE Conformability CE-tested as per DIN EN 13252

Specifications are subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical but reflect test procedures used. Actual field performance will depend on installation methods and site conditions.

Drainage Lengths

Because of its disproportionately high drainage capacity,
Delta TERRAXX is suitable for great drainage lengths and, by the same token, for roofs with an unusually low gradient.

Possilbe Drainage Lengths
Gradient Drainage Capacity Max drainage lengths
1% 0,86 ℓ/sm 40 m
2% 1,2 ℓ/sm 55 m
3% 1,5 ℓ/sm 70 m

Download Drainage Data Sheet

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