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Insulation and waterproofing coating

SolarTAC is a cost-effective heat-shielding coating that uses advanced insulation technology to reduce the interior temperature of buildings. SolarTAC is specially formulated with fine spherical particles that minimise surface temperature on roofs and walls by reflecting a large percentage of the radiant energy before it penetrates the building. This lowers the interior temperature and reduces energy costs for cooling the building.

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Fields of Application

  • SolarTAC is ideal for roofs and walls in both commercial and
    residential buildings.
  • SolarTAC can be applied to substrates such as concrete, render, aluminium, steel, plaster, sheet, masonry, brick, wood, etc.


  • Easy to apply, non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces radiant heat in dwelling
  • Reduces energy consumption by cooling the building
  • Has anti-mould and anti-fungal properties
  • Electrometric qualities

Surface preparation

All surfaces must be free from grease, oil and dust. Very smooth
surfaces should be roughened for better adhesion.

  • Loose rust, moss, lichens, crumbling cement, deteriorated
    fibre cement and degraded bituminous substances must be
    removed either mechanically or chemically.
  • Surface faults such as blisters, holes and cracks should be
    cleaned out, then repaired with a flexible filler. Small hairline
    cracks can be painted with SolarTAC - brush in, allow to dry,
    then repeat until filled or at least sealed.
  • Adhesion to porous substrates can be improved by priming
    with Davco Primer. This is recommended because these
    surfaces can be very weak and consequently when a coating
    of SolarTAC is pulled up it actually tears away the surface to
    which it is bonded. Sealing with Davco Primer greatly reduces
    this type of potential failure.
  • Rusty metal should be cleaned by blasting or other means to
    a suitable standard then primed with a Rust Converter. Other
    metals should be suitably primed or treated, e.g. for new
    galvanising, degreasing, etch or roughen surface
    before coating.


  • SolarTAC may be applied directly to all common building
    substrates, i.e. concrete, render, aluminium, steel, plaster, sheet, masonry, brick. Some priming may be required depending on the substrate condition. (Please refer to our expertise.)
  • Apply two or more coats to obtain recommended total
    thickness by brush, roller, spread bar or air less spray gun. Ideal application temperature is between 10 - 30°C and relative
    humidity 30 - 80% in rapid drying conditions. Mask large areas
    into smaller zones to help obtain an even application
    and appearance.
  • Rinse brushes, etc. frequently in water to prevent drying/
    clogging keep containers closed to minimise skin formation.
  • In fast-drying weather conditions, adhesion to unsealed
    absorbent or porous surfaces is significantly improved by
    Davco Primer.

(Further information available on the data sheet)


Technical Data

Elongation at break 260 %
Tensile strength 3,80 MPa
Adhesion strength 1,36 N/mm2
Crack Bridging
Method A
Method B

No crack within 2 mm
No crack after 10 cycles
Hardness Shore A 65
Water penetration No water penetration
UV Exposure 2000 hours No disintegration, cracks,
blisters, peeling or swelling.
Thermal Conductivity 0,09 W/m°K
Heat Reflectance >99%* >99%+
Emittance >0,89* 0,88+

Specifications are subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical but reflect test procedures used. Actual field performance will depend on installation methods and site conditions.


Flat Roofs 500 micron dry film thickness i.e. 1,1 m2 / litre
Pitched Roofs 370 micron dry film i.e. 1,5 m2 / litre
Walls (smooth) 250 micron dry film i.e. 2,2 m2 / litre


20 litre plastic pail.

Download Data Sheet

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